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Adapted P.E. Teacher – Gift Wish List

I have looked at (no exaggeration) over 100 gift wish lists this holiday season. There are the basic family, men, women, and friend models. I have also seen examples from Influencers creating lists specific to teachers. I, personally, think these tend to be generalized to the broad teaching community and often include coffee mugs. We love the intention behind the gift, but we might wish for something that is more specific to our need. The goal of this list is to add some of my most favorite items that get used while teaching or just for everyday use.

P.S. You can always give a “gift” to yourself ;)

Powder sunscreen

This is the NUMBER 1 item on my list. Sunscreen is for everyone. What I love about this specific sunscreen is it will not explode in your desk or bag. You can throw it in your car without it ever going bad. I love that I don’t have to have any greasy fingers or mess up your makeup while applying this.

Tinted Sunscreen

Of course, this is my second favorite item on the list. This is the first product that I apply every morning. It has a slight tint and provides a great source of sun protection.

Corksicle Sling Crossbody Holder

This bag is not only cute but incredibly functional. I wear this crossbody holder and it stores my 16 oz Corksicle bottle and has room in a separate zippered compartment for my wallet, keys, cell phone, chapstick, and sunscreen. This will fit any Corksicle bottle that is 16oz to 40 oz.

ON Cloud 5 Sneakers

This is the generous gift of comfort that will be used daily, even on the days you don’t teach.


Many APE and Phys Ed teachers spend countless hours in the sun. I love the visor to keep my hairstyle intact all day, but to get that valuable sun protection. The visor is also clutch in the winter. You can add a warmer knit hat on top.

Sun hats

As we get into those warmer school months this is my go to when I know I will be spending my entire day outside. This will give me more sun protection and keep my cool. Pro Tip: The straw hats with fabric under the rim last longer than those without.

Wallet with ring for keys

I was gifted a wallet with a key ring in college and I have never looked back. It keeps everything neat and organized and I can throw it in any bag easily without a big to do. These are great if you like to keep your school IDs and other school related cards in a separate wallet from your personal cards.

Key holder (multiple keys)

This one is a time saver if you have multiple school sites, closets, sheds, etc. that you need to access, Not only can you use colors to organize your sites, but you can add a description next to each key. I am sure if you ever have a sub, they too will also appreciate the organization of this key ring.

Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are a must for APE/GPE teachers. These give you the protection and versatility you need. I love the fit and look of these by Flying Fisherman, but that price point was what really sold me!

Crossbody Bag

I wear this bag every day. I love that I can put my cell phone, wallet, keys, sharpie, pen, small hand lotion, powder sunscreen, and lip gloss all in this bag. I keep in over my shoulder or on my waist and I can quickly get out my keys will switching buildings or balancing my toddler on my hip while trying to get in my car.

I hope this list helps you “guide” others to some useful gifts for an APE or Phys Ed teacher. – Danielle

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