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Adapted P.E. – Water Safety Lessons Part Two

You are getting hyped up for swim lessons! GREAT! Let’s make sure you have some of my favorite gear in your shopping cart.

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Egg Flip Disc

These egg flip discs float on the water and as the student blows bubbles toward the disc it will flip to reveal a different color on the opposite side. This is great fun while practicing a needed skill.

Variety Pack of Diving accessories

PLEASE MAKE NOTE THAT IF YOU HAVE OLD DIVE STICKS THAT ARE HARD PLASTIC WITH NO BEND THEY NEED TO BE THROWN AWAY! They pose a serious risk to students who fall on them. Check out this article here.

I love this set because of the variety of colors, and textures, and how they sink at different rates.

Watering can

Watering cans are a great way to introduce your students to the pool. Step one in your water safety lesson is getting students acclimated to the water. I love singing songs like itsy bitsy spider and using these sweet watering cans to drizzle water on my students’ legs and hands. When they feel comfortable they allow me to sprinkle it on their heads.

The silicone watering cans are great if a student is holding them and takes a tumble. It won’t shatter under their weight. These would be great for field day and other water activities as well.


This collar works well for keeping the neck fully supported while floating in the water. The nylon material is comfortable on the skin vs other styles that are coated.

Lifejacket for 30-50lbs

I love the head support on this lifejacket. It is made for students 30-50lbs and holds up with use.

Kiefer WonderBoard

It can be used for aquatic exercise or it can be used to help support a student with teacher support at all times for safety.

I hope you enjoy these recommendations!

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