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Back To Teaching PostPartum Series – Clothing

Postpartum Leggings

Coming back to teaching after my maternity leave was challenging enough with trying to figure out pumping, schedules, and functioning on very little sleep. One thing I wish I had planned better for was clothing. I didn’t want to wear all the super tight tops I had been wearing to show off my belly during my pregnancy. Now I was looking for function vs. fashion and items that fit my new lifestyle. I needed a wardrobe that would allow for nursing or pumping while working. I also wanted pants that would compress my stomach to help my diastasis recti (ab separation). Here is a list of my favorite items that I used postpartum that held up to teaching adapted physical education.

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Beo Bei Postpartum Leggings

These are the real deal! I have never experienced leggings like this before. They have compression, an ultra high waist, and are not see-through! Best part about these leggings is the longevity that they have. I purchased two sizes of these leggings. After sizing down, I continue to wear a medium in these leggings. These are always in my weekly rotation of clothing.

Bao Bei Body Bloomers Maternity and Postpartum Support Underwear

These were such a great hug for my maternity belly and fantastic support during early postpartum. I was able to wear these to add gentle compression for my diastasis recti with my sweat pants.

Bao Bei Pro Bump Pregnancy and Postpartum belly Support Band

When I wasn’t rocking my beo bei bloomers I was wearing my belly support band during my pregnancy and for those early months postpartum. It gave me the gentle support and compression I needed.

Favorite Combo Nursing/Pumping Bra – Kindred Bravely

This was my everyday bra that I wore to work. How many do you need? The typical recommendation is to own three (one to wash, one to wear, one to spare). Kindred Bravely does sell multiple packs of these with a discount for buying more at one time. The combo was great to allow me to nurse my baby prior to the school day starting and again after school. During the school day I was able to pump with ease. I wasn’t having to change bras to accommodate for the different methods of feedings.

Hands Free Nursing Bra

This is always a good one to add to your registry. This is just a simple, hands free nursing bra.

BEST High Compression Sports Bra – SHEFIT

THIS BRA IS THE REAL MVP! After experiencing major swelling with my first pregnancy, I got first hand knowledge in weight fluctuation. I was 194 lbs after giving birth and within 10 months had fallen to 125 lbs. The SHE FIT bra with its game changing Velcro was the best sports bra! I was able to loosen the bra band and the straps. While I was nursing I could undo the Velcro straps and nurse or undo the zip in the middle for more access. It has been 23 months since I have had my second child and this bra has continued to impress me. I am at 150 lbs and still enjoying the overall fit and longevity of this bra.


I loved wearing a nursing tank top and 3/4 quarter length cardigan when I was using a typical breastpump. When I made the switch to the Elvie Breastpump I preferred a shirt or tank that came up to my sternum for ease of getting the Elvie Breastpumps in and out without lifting the bottom of my shirt up and showing my belly. I also liked being able to hold my shirt out and adjust them easily. I liked my shirts roomy to allow for pumping accessories (Elvies included)

See the first post in my postpartum series to learn more about pumping while teaching.

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