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There is so much information on the internet about what to do and what not to do. It can feel overwhelming at times. I want to share some of my favorite resources for encouragement and exercise and I think I would really resonate with all of you.

Expecting and Empowered Workouts

I am not a paid affiliate with this program. I truly just want to spread the word about this incredible resource. I originally purchased their workout program when it was a pdf style format. Now they have a fantastic app that is, even more, user-friendly. This program was designed by a team of two sisters, Krystle Howald, PT, DPT + Amy Kiefer, NSCA-CPT. I love that Krystle has a doctorate in physical therapy and specializes in pelvic floor therapy.

I participated in yoga throughout my first pregnancy and it was nice, but it didn’t give me the results that I was seeking. Many of the instructors I was working with did not feel comfortable with me doing many of the movements. After having my daughter I participated three times per week in the postpartum workouts. I finally felt like I was getting my strength back and lost 65 lbs. I am not advocating for weight loss or shaming my own body. I did not feel like I had the energy or strength to do the activities I wanted to do or teach at 190lbs on my 5ft 3in frame. I am thankful that I had an exercise plan that eased me back into working out safely for my postpartum body.

When I was pregnant with my son, I stayed consistent with the workouts and I am glad I did. I had diastasis recti (ab separation) and needed these workouts to keep myself safe. They have modifications for any exercise that would potentially cause further separation. I was able to have a more typical weight gain for this pregnancy. I am thankful to have had these workouts to turn to.

Screenshot proof from a timelapse video of me utilizing the Expecting and Empowered workouts.

Herself POdcast

Amy Kiefer, from Expecting and Empowered, teamed up with Abby Green to create a podcast talking about all things motherhood. From changes in your marriage, balancing work and home life, to being open and honest about ALL the feelings that come along with each of these topics, these ladies speak with experts on a weekly basis. I appreciate the quick length of the podcasts and how they keep each guest on topic. This podcast has helped me to learn how to better express my needs and feelings to not only people in my home life but in my professional life as well.

Instagram – Big Little Feelings, Diary of an Honest mom

Big Little Feelings has been an incredible source of knowledge for tips for toddlers but also has been a great resource unexpectedly for Adapted Physical Education. I love their helpful advice for working through BIG feelings that all our students experience from time to time.

Diary of an Honest Mom helped me like I wasn’t alone with some of the feelings that I was experiencing, especially in those early days of having two kids under the age of two. Her openness and willingness to share are super needed.

PUmping and clothing

I have two additional posts in my postpartum series covering these topics. Be sure to check them out!

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