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Beginning of the year Organization Checklist

Page Tags are great for saving date

Can you feel it? The electricity in the air as a new year is getting underway! As you read this post, some of you will have already started and others will be gearing up to start. It is never too late to implement some of the suggestions below to start off your school year a little more organized.

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Large calendars for your desk are great if you are able to stop by your space frequently to stay up to date on Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meetings. An 8.5 inch X 11 inch planner can fit easily in a backpack. I love this style with a flexible cover, month view, and weekly view to plan out more in depth for each day.

Page Tags

Use removable page tags to note IEP dates and other meetings in your planner or calendar. Often times meeting dates and times change. These tags are great to note the student name, school, type of meeting, and time. These can be moved around or changed out completely. This saves you from an entire day scratched out in pen or using an entire bottle of whiteout.

Silver Sharpie

We all have those pieces of equipment that black sharpie will not show up on. I always have a silver sharpie on hand for labeling or touching up my program name on equipment. When you are loaning out equipment to a variety of schools, it is important to make sure your program name is highly visible.

Organizer Bags

Pens, pencils, headphones, cords for tablets all need a home in your backpack, laptop case, and car. I love bags to keep them all safe and organized. I am a fan of cute accessories too. I don’t get to have a cute desk set up like most of my fellow teachers. Trust, that I will be pulling out my cute pen bag at an IEP meeting.

Travel First Aid Kit

These small first aid kits are great for backpacks or fit in a typical waist pack and keep your bandages neat and organized.


You can never have enough tissues. Throw these convenient travel-sized packs in your backpack, car, waist pack or pockets. I highly suggest not shoving a bunch of loose tissues in your pockets or waist pack. It is not a good look pulling out random wrinkled tissues out of your pockets to hand to a student, who has just blown snot across the room. Do everyone a favor and stock up on these for your itinerant teaching.

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  1. I can’t believe I haven’t ever thought of the silver sharpie until now!! Game changer. I love checklists! The clear organizers are so helpful!

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