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The ancient art of fish printing.

Fishing is my favorite activity to start the fall semester with. It is a wonderful family activity and a great way to collaborate with different agencies in your area. I loved partnering with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Ridgway State Park and two local nonprofits – The Nature Connection and Friends of Ridgway State Park. These organizations helped host two days of fishing for all students with significant support needs across multiple school sites.

Leading up to the big fishing event students had the opportunity to learn about and practice the ancient Japanese art of fish printing, gyotaku. We borrowed the rubber fish from Colorado Parks and Wildlife. They already have a great partnership with The Nature Connection who stores and replenishes the additional supplies like paper and paints. Students had the opportunity to identify fish local to our state and choose colors matching the fish they wanted to use.

Using donated funds, I purchased fabric paint and programs provided their own shirts. They tie dyed shirts and they used the gyotaku method on their shirts. Each program had a different look and it helped bring art, science, geography, and adapted physical education all together for students.

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