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Packing list for the CO APE Conference

The 2023 Colorado Adapted Physical Education Conference will be held at Elk Mountain Resort, which is located off of Dave Wood Road at about 9,300 feet in elevation adjacent to U.S. Forest Service lands. This high-elevation location in May can bring some chilly temperatures at night and has some residual snow on the ground from the winter season. We are in what some people refer to as “mud season”. Below are my recommendations on what to pack to make your stay more comfortable.

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Extra shoes

We are collecting old sneakers at the conference to send to Got Sneakers? A sneaker recycling program that resells and recycles shoes and gives the CO APE Conference funds in return for participating. As mentioned before, it is “mud season” If you have to take a step off the gravel and get in some mud, it would be nice to have a second pair of shoes to change into.

I love this pair of on cloud running shoes. I have this color, and despite several washes, the color has not faded.

on cloud running shoes color navy

Sunscreen and sun protection

I apply sunscreen every morning and again in the afternoon. Here are two of my favorite types to apply. I highly recommend that you purchase the powder sunscreen regardless of whether or not you are attending the conference. I love the convenience of carrying one in my fanny pack and applying it often throughout the day. Don’t forget a hat and sunglasses.

Brush on sunscreen and Moisturizer with spf

Pack Layers

Be sure to pack one or two long sleeve shirts, a windbreaker, a rainjacket, a vest, and a jacket. Some of our attendees last year from warmer weather states suggested packing lightweight gloves, a scarf, and a hat.

Additional Favorites

These are just additional items that I think are worth packing to make your trip comfortable: water bottle, fanny pack, Downey Wrinkle Release, bug repellent wipes, Aquaphor, and travel-sized medications because we are 45 minutes outside of town and if you have a headache and no Tylenol that is just the pits.


Be sure to download your presentation to your computer and to a USB drive prior to leaving your house. I even like to make sure it is uploaded to my google drive and then email a copy to myself. There is wifi at the resort, but I find this to be a good rule of thumb whenever I am presenting somewhere. Be sure to bring any dongles or adapters you need to connect to the projector.

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