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Prime Deals for Adapted P.E. Teachers

I love a good deal, and I know that some of you do too! We have to make our program money stretch as far as it can go. Scroll down to see my top three Prime Day picks.

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Refillable Water Balloons

Yes, you read that right. No more spending an hour after field day or water balloon baseball picking up tiny choking hazards. The best part about these is that the magnets are inside the material, so they won’t accidentally fall out.

Exercise Dice

These are great instant activities! I love that they are 12-sided, and you get three of them.

Adjustable Pickleball net

I love low nets for most of my net sports (pickleball, volleyball, tennis). This one has an additional feature to allow it to extend higher. Disclaimer I do not own this net, but it has great reviews.

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