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Shopping List for Preschool-aged Adapted PE/Inclusive Programs

As an adapted physical education specialist, I prioritize creating an inclusive and engaging environment for all ages. We know as APE teachers that our caseloads could include students as young as three years of age. I am currently teaching an inclusive play program called the Rock and Roll Class for ages six months to 6 years of age. When it comes to selecting equipment and materials for adapted physical education programs and inclusive programming, I carefully curate a variety of options to cater to diverse abilities and interests. Soft, colorful play blocks provide a comfortable surface for activities that promote gross motor skills, while the foot poly spots give my students a set location for other activities. I also integrate adaptive equipment like recordable answer buzzers to integrate communication. Additionally, I ensure a selection of equipment that encourages cooperative play, such as group games and parachute activities, fostering social interaction and teamwork. My goal is to cultivate a positive and enjoyable experience for every child, promoting physical development and overall well-being in the early stages of their education journey.

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Foam Climbing Blocks

Recordable Answer Buzzers

Recordable answer buzzers serve as highly effective tools in adapted physical education by providing young students with a dynamic and engaging means to communicate.


Polyspots are invaluable in adapted physical education as they provide a visually distinct and defined space, aiding young students in understanding and maintaining proper positioning during activities. The bright and colorful design of poly spots captures the attention of students, making it an engaging tool for enhancing spatial awareness and promoting effective body placement. The versatility of polyspots allows for creative adaptations, enabling inclusive participation and accommodating diverse abilities in a variety of movement-based exercises.

Lollipop Paddles

Lollipop paddles prove to be invaluable for young students as they offer a tactile and controlled means to tap balloons or beach balls. The sturdy grip and lightweight design of lollipop paddles enhance students’ motor skills, allowing for precise contact with the objects during tapping exercises. This engaging and adaptable tool fosters hand-eye coordination promotes sensory awareness, and ensures inclusive participation in activities that focus on striking or tapping objects in a controlled manner.

Bowling Pins

Bowling pins are a highly adaptable activity that can be modified to suit the individual needs and abilities of your students. You can adjust the distance, use different-sized balls, or even create variations of the game to accommodate various skill levels. I love having students roll into the pins. I love how motivating it is for students to kick or throw balls into the pins and watch them fall.

Switch with Powerlink

Thanks to Mr.Jeff Adapted PE for his great recommendation! These switches can connect to other devices like fans or a leaf blower. He also recommends checking out the AbleNet PowerLink 3 (which can be found on eBay) it is an older model but is a great option at a lower price point.

Palos Sports (School Speciality) Cannon Launcher

I can’t recommend these enough! Students can work on fine motor skills and building hand strength by squeezing the balls to load into the launcher. They are made from sturdy foam that doesn’t go flat over time. My son was teething when I got my first set and never popped the coating. The cannon launcher is made from heavy-duty rubber and holds up to people of all ages giving this fun toy a go! I love having students practice their balance skills by trying this with one foot or jumping with both feet. The smaller children practice their squats to pop the ball out by sitting on the launcher. Another option is to push with both hands, which is a great upper body and core workout for some of your students.

Palos Sports (School Speciality) Parachute

Parachute activities can be easily adapted to accommodate students with varying abilities and skill levels. Whether a student is ambulatory, uses a wheelchair, or has limited mobility, they can actively participate in parachute games. Parachute activities often involve group participation, promoting teamwork and cooperation. Students can work together to achieve a common goal, fostering social interaction and communication skills. Parachute play provides sensory stimulation, which can be particularly beneficial for students with sensory processing differences. The feeling of the parachute moving through the air, along with the visual stimulation, can enhance sensory integration and awareness. Parachute activities require a range of motor skills, including reaching, grasping, and manipulating the parachute fabric. These movements contribute to the development of both fine and gross motor skills in a fun and engaging way.

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